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Help Children Get in the Gift-Giving Spirit

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Most parents can agree on one thing when it comes to the holidays: Children LOVE receiving presents.

However, it’s often more difficult to motivate children to think about giving rather than receiving, especially during the holidays. Here are some tips from our friends at PBS and Parents magazine that may help your little ones get in the gift-giving spirit:

1) Start with someone special. Let your child help select for someone they care about – a brother or sister, parent, or even their teacher! This may help your child personally engage and understand that their choice will make someone else happy.

2) Get personal. Lead your child on an exploration to discover the perfect present. How? With a series of questions that will prompt your child to think of the recipient. For example:
“What can we make that your Grandparents would like?”
“What is your sister’s favorite color? Your dad’s favorite sports team?”
“What do you think Mom would like?”
“What is your brother’s favorite book?”

3) Think of the people who give year-round. Once you’ve tackled the people close to you, encourage the conversation to continue by focusing on the people who provide services to your family all year long. For example,
“Do you think the man who delivers our mail would like some homemade cookies?”

4) Don’t shy away from having a conversation about budget. Hopefully, conversation starters help to motivate your child, but this may lead to gifts that are simply out of the budget. This is a great time to encourage your child to think of gifts they can make, such as ornaments, cookies or a homemade coupon book full of tasks they promise to do for someone else throughout the year. This may also help solidify that it’s not the price tag, but the thought that counts.

On behalf of our entire Any Baby Can family, we wish you and yours a very safe and happy holiday. For additional parenting resources, please call us at 512.454.3743.

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