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Baby’s First Spring

After months of being indoors and braving the cold weather, we can finally rejoice because spring is here! Warm weather, bright colors and beautiful scents are ahead, which makes it the perfect time to take a break and enjoy the outdoors.  Here are a few things to consider as you and your little one enjoy spring for the first time.

  • Take a trip to the doctor. Because this is your baby’s first exposure to spring weather, it is important to make sure she is healthy. Take your baby for a checkup during this time to make sure she is not allergic to anything new she has been exposed to during this season. Springtime is well-known for being a high allergy season, especially with the high amount of pollen present in the air. You can prepare for this by having physician-approved medicine readily available for your baby.
  • Stay safe. Whether or not the sun is out, always make sure to have sunscreen for your baby. The presence of sunshine makes the days more enjoyable, but it may aid in making the day a little unpleasant if your baby gets sunburned. It is important to know how much sun exposure is actually safe for your baby regardless of the amount of sunscreen you put on, so again, consult your pediatrician.
  • Bugs and other bites. When you are outdoors with your little one, you are very likely to come into contact with some unwanted friends. Since contact with bugs is inescapable, make sure to pack a safe bug repellant for your little one. Also, bugs aren’t the only ones that are sure to be tempted to bite things when you’re outdoors. Your little one is prone to put anything and everything in her mouth. While outdoors, be very cautious and observant of your child to make sure everything in nature, stays in nature.
  • Be prepared for fluctuating temperatures. During spring, one minute it can be warm and the next it can be a bit chilly. Prepare for this by always packing a jacket for your baby and a blanket to keep her warm. The blanket is also perfect if your baby gets tired during the day.
  • Enjoy it. Since this is your first spring with your baby, make sure to enjoy every last minute. Try to spend as much time as possible doing outdoor activities and really enjoying the beautiful weather. Just a quick walk around the neighborhood is all you need to bond with your little one and take in the wonderful weather that has been missing all winter.

The beginning of spring is a great excuse to escape the indoors and partake in all that nature has to offer. By keeping these tips in mind, we hope you and your family will have endless amounts of fun this spring!

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