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The Importance of Touch

Love and affection are a very important part in building relationships with those you care for most. They’re even more essential for babies, especially when it comes to touch. According to Psychology Today, touch helps babies with brain development. It can even be emotionally and physically beneficial in helping babies deal with their emotions and how their bodies grow.

The importance of touch begins as soon as your baby enters the world. Once you give birth, your baby is no longer in its natural habitat, which can cause a great amount of stress to them. Giving your baby skin-to-skin contact can help reduce this stress and begin the bonding process with the mother by providing a familiar sound to the baby: the mother’s heartbeat.

Newborn babies who receive touch may gain weight and grow at better rates than babies that do not receive as much touch. They may also spend less time in the hospital and have fewer medical complications in their first year of life. These health benefits are due to the fact that touch can improve your baby’s immune system.

Additionally, babies who are cuddled more may deal with less anxiety as they grow older, which may lead to them being happier adults. This happiness is also a result of the increased self-confidence and socialness that babies may obtain from touch.

Today, give your baby all of the love and affection you possibly can and know that by simply providing that, you are jumpstarting a life filled with happiness.

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